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Thinking about our familiar Customers, we have created and provide software for spare parts orders.
PEZAL ONLINE is a useful tool to find the numbers of parts basing on devices schematics. It allows you to check the availability of goods or status of your orders. We encourage you to use it.

Software installation

For the program to work properly, you need to have .NET 4 framework installed. You can get it from here: http://www.microsoft.com/pl-pl/download/...

Open the downloaded file - the newest version of the catalogue will be installed. Run the program from a shortcut inside the Start Menu. You need to verify your account on the first launch - all the steps are described inside the app.

Due to the security mechanisms used in the program, some antivirus software might mark the catalogue as malware. Please white-list the app.

According to the license terms, the program must be installed and/or run only on one device.